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Abstract Themes

  • Advocacy
  • Public Health and Prevention campaigns
  • Demography and Tobacco (Impact on Ageing, inequalities)
  • Tobacco and gender
  • Economic issues and Tobacco productions /consumption
  • Tobacco industry strategies
  • Tobacco pollution from second and third hand smoke
  • E-cigarettes and other Tobacco Products (from Shisha to e-cigs; iQos)
  • Epidemiology
  • Cancer Disease
  • Tobacco related Diseases
  • Non Communicable Diseases
  • National and International Politics (FCTC and new EU tobacco procuct directive)
  • Plain Packaging
  • Cessation Therapies
  • Legislation (Taxation and Smuggling)
  • Research (basic and translation)
  • Social Behaviour and Networks
  • Tobacco and Environment (litter, agricultural…)
  • Tobacco and Media
  • Vaccines and Immunotherapy
  • Others

Organized by:

Health Program - European Union
Association of European Cancer Leagues
Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro

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