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ECL European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH) Young Professional Award

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The ECL ECToH Young Professional Award is to recognize and support newer careerist professionals that have advanced tobacco control in areas of research, advocacy, policy and practice. The award is to be granted to participants judged on the quality of the abstracts and their CVs submitted to the conference.

The winner will be presented with the ECL/ECToH Young Professional Award in Porto by the President of the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL), Dr Sakari Karjalainen.

  • 1st Prize: travel grant up to €3.000 to attend the next WCToH congress in Capetown, South Africa in March 2018 (travel, accommodation, etc.) in order to present his/her work and to maintain a network at global level. This travel grant is provided by the Cancer Society of Finland.
  • 2nd Prize: €600 ECL subsidy for attending the 2017 ECToH.
  • 3rd Prize: €400 ECL subsidy for attending the 2017 ECToH.

An award winning ceremony will take place during in Porto.

Criteria for application

  • Deadline: February 15
  • Eligibility
    • Age 35 years or younger at the time of the application deadline
    • Presently active in tobacco control including research, advocacy, policy or practice
    • Abstract has been submitted to ECToH 2017
    • Never been affiliated with the tobacco industry, directly or indirectly
  • Applications must include the following and submitted to by February 15:
    • Motivation letter
    • CV
    • Submitted abstract to ECToH 2017


The applications are reviewed by selected ECToH committee members, and suggestions for nominations are sent to the ECL board, who votes on the winners.

Criteria for evaluation

  • Efforts will be given to recognize individuals working (either paid or volunteer) from WHO EURO Member States
  • In the abstract submitted awardees will have contributed to advancing tobacco control in the following ways:
    • Contributing to the advancement of the WHO-FCTC either in their country, in Europe or globally
    • Planning, implementing and evaluating innovative research in the area of tobacco control
    • Advocacy activity within their country, in Europe or globally
    • Advancing healthy policy development
    • Developing and/or implementing innovative and functional tobacco cessation methods and strategies and/or prevention initiatives
    • Knowledge-transfer efforts to translate tobacco control research to practice

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