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Preliminary Program

November 15, 2016

Plain packaging

The preliminary program as been announced today. You can check here.

Plain Packaging

July 7, 2016

Plain packaging

“Plain packaging reduces the attractiveness of tobacco products. It kills the glamour, which is appropriate for a product that kills people,” says WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan. “It restricts tobacco advertising and promotion. It limits misleading packaging and labelling. And it increases the effectiveness of health warnings.”

Plain packaging is recommended in WHO FCTC guidelines as part of a comprehensive approach to tobacco control that includes large graphic health warnings and comprehensive bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

12 Ways to reduce your risk

May 30, 2016

We should think about this....

May 25, 2016

Plain Packaging in the agenda

May 17, 2016

Plain packaging

The plain packages will be in the 2017 ECTOH's agenda!
Keep in touch to know everything about the programme topics.
It's still possible to present sessions proposal until the 31st of May!

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